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By HarlingDarling

Village party

Once a year, in the summer, we have a village party. Organised by the Tennis Club, that once up on a time ran a tennis court for the tennis-keen kids, but now mostly runs the village party. Tonight is the night. I have sneaked home to do my blip, draw the picture of the day and take a break from the competitions.

This is the hammering nails in contest. Three teams, three sets of nails. The team with the most nails left sticking up at the end wins. One hit per person. It is a LOT harder than it sounds and there is much hilarity. Not least as this game takes place after much eating and drinking. We have time to chat and exchange news, and to get to know new people, re-connect with older ones. It's important for the cohesiveness needed in rural life in this neck of the planet where we rely on our neighbours. There were other games, and they were mostly a lot of fun, although not all were PC in the age of gender equality - so I'm having a day off from policing such things!

So having drawn and blipped I'm off out into the fray again! Otherwise we have walked on the wild and wonderful geology trail with kjell who seemed impressed with the fossilised beach and the remains of an ice age waterfall, way above the level of the sea today. He's at his own party right now, in town. 

I can hear the Bötsle village party from the house, the  laughter and clapping and the delighted voices. Very nice!

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