By Hillyblips

Small Window

A small window of opportunity to walk the dogs and I happened to see a movement in the shrubs of a neighbour's garden and loads of tweeting in that vicinity. A female Black Cap appeared on a branch, checking the dogs and myself out, only for a second but it was so lovely to capture. 

The rainbow on getting home was just stunning to see and I got a late shot of it after rushing to change the lens. You might wonder why our bench is in the middle of the field - well just because  we can and it's lovely to sit there reading and not 'totally bonkers' like our daughter seems to think.

Apart from my facebook messenger being hacked, the day today has been great and I can only apologise to those of you have been affected by it. Being woken up at 3am wasn't funny but at least the whole password scenario thingy was sorted as best I could before I nearly passed out head first onto the keyboard.

Lovely to see #1 daughter for her interior design help and collaboration.

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