Are you illuminated or in the dark? This is one of many photographic beauties of cockatoo island. I'm staying overnight so up early before first light in the morning. So you'll be subjected to two cockatoo island blips in a row. Hehe. Anyway got a few interesting shots around sunset. I will write up a bigger blog post with further images later.

Definitely will be doing this again soon, next time a light painting of the decaying structures, equipment or trees.

could be better in large

Edit. Like yesterday's blip it was loaded processed an posted via ipad and like yesterday's blip I will most most like reprocess on a real computer and re-upload the same photo.

Hmmm yes reposted - i prefer this edit more- extracted some more detail from the dark crane at the cost of some noise but I prefer it more - cropped photo a little too

blog post and 15ish extra photos now posted

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