Hard Stare

Not sure what Flora is thinking about but it's unlikely to be something to my benefit. Her snail habit is getting out of hand so it could be a mollusc that's caught her eye or it could be her favourite squeaky ball lost in a hedge. After a close crop about three weeks ago I'm glad to see her moustache growing back. I prefer her on the hairy side. Otter meanwhile is resting after a long but slow plod this morning.

I'm off to the Book Festival to meet a friend later. I might have waited to blip from Edinburgh but the weather forecast is awful. If the trains are really disrupted again I'll not get there. But if ScotRail, LNER and Network Rail all do their thing and the rain isn't too bad then I should get to Edinburgh and back and lapsed blipper Cameraman should return from Ashford where he's been visiting family. I'm hoping for the best!

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