By WharfedaleBex

Are you OK?

Came a voice from behind as I was crouched in the drizzle enjoying time with my giant puffball.

Yesterday, when I came back from shopping, there were a few sheep guarding this wonderful fungus.  I'd spotted they'd already taken a few bites out of it so I was keen to get back for a photo but I needed my wheels to get here.

So, this morning, I headed out, despite the autumn feel and drizzle, for a quick round the block to see if it was still here.  

Yesssss! And no sheep to worry about scaring into the road either.

I was probably being watched from the house behind for some time before a lovely lady came out to check I was OK.  She told me I could take it with me but on the other side, a huge slug was tucking in and it wasn't really looking that appealing - although I think it is edible.

It's the first one I've discovered so I'm feeling somewhat pleased.

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