The old and the new!

Karin in the skittle-alley where a tournament was held this very afternoon. She's finding Bellman songs on her computer, Swedish songs from the 1700s fetched via the ether whilst sitting in a small forest at the open air museum. This is Keith using his smart Lumix camera to record Karin, and me using my (even better, in my opinion) smart Lumix to record Keith recording Karin! 

We sang in the church with Kjell, who has a lovely voice - often a tenor but today mostly bass. Very nice to sing with Kjell, there were songs we wanted to do last week but couldn't without the support of a bass. We two women manage angel voices quite nicely, but it is very good to have a deep male voice in  there too, especially when it's Kjell who we have sung with for years. Just not for the last 15 or so!

It was horribly damp today, rained hard in the night and drizzled in the day. I loathe this weather as I feel very achy in the damp. The stone church was even more unpleasant that on dry days so we scooted off after a couple of hours and are going to light the wood stove in a minute! August? It feels a bit more like November, but lighter. I saw stars for the first time a couple of  days back, it's always a momentous event, the return of a dark enough sky to see stars. In the winter we get a lot of night and can see a lot of stars, but we have 3 months of starless skies in the summer.

I generally LOVE living here, but I have to admit that days of this kind of gloomy weather in August are something of a TRIAL! G&T and Pimentos Padrón have started the evening off well though, and we are listening to Keith and Kjell's recordings of the singing which is fun. Tomorrow most people go back to work here, but now me - for which I remain utterly & everlastingly grateful! Grateful for time to be creative, active, on the move, loving, political, etc etc etc

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