Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

The Niceties

Went to the last of four Heritage Theatre Festival shows for this summer season this afternoon. A "two-hander" - as my son the actor would say - called The Niceties that takes place at a college - I think it's supposed to be Yale although it is never named - and involves a conversation - two conversations three weeks apart - between a college history professor and one of her students - in the professor's office. The professor is a white woman and the student a young woman of color. It was quite thought  provoking and I found it interesting personally how my taking sides shifted from one of them to the other multiple times during the performance. Definitely indicative of how complex issues of race are.

Anyway - this is the set - and the only photo I took of anything today. They said no photography is allowed "during the performance" so I hope my taking a photo of the set before the show started is not forbidden. If it is - well... too bad.

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