By MeMeMe_Mimi

Mating season

The laws of physics were designed to stop things like this happening. And yet you look out the window and what do you see but a van on top of another.
The farmer is mightily confused too. He parked his tractor in front of the mess-that-ruined-Newton's-reputation, and even called in the help of a truck, but couldn't figure out anything to do so abandoned the whole project.
Who knows whether gravity will finally get his act together again.
I have been attempting to fish for two days now. And finally on the third I managed to stop tangling the line on every cast for two minutes, and I caught a fish. And managed to not freak out. And calmly pass the rod over to Papini and smile proudly. But then grimace and turn away as he killed the fish.
Thank you fish for dying in the name of fishing.

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