Be mobile

By petaqui

2 people that rules the world

I have an own website to keep up with my 365 project, appart from this site, but I didn't post this one there... they gave me permission to take this shot and share it, but I wasn't confident about doing so because of who they are.
Both are people that worked hard, the one on the left lives on the street because he like how that makes him feel, he has family and house, but prefers being in this way. The one on the right worked as driver through whole Europe and even Africa, now it's retired, but keeps helping family and being a very active person.

Check extra shots as those are also part of the day, and shows a bit of landscape :)
Used to seeing it from the side side, it is rare front view (or other angle). Love villages, and going out of Jaca and see what surrounds it, has a brutal charm, plus besides leaving the "city" these days that is congested with people.

Acostumbrado a verla de lado, se hace raro verla de frente (u otro ángulo vaya). Molan los pueblos, eso de salir de Jaca y ver lo que lo rodea tiene un encanto brutal, además del plus de salir de la “ciudad” estos días que está congestionada de gente.

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