By davesfotos

Another job done !

Average sort of morning with mixed weather but rain forecast for the afternoon.
First job while MrsD was available to stand guard in the lane was to paint the top of the extention shed roof.
It didn't take long and no cars went up or down but it was better to be safe.
Molly then had her first walk into town after 10 days and was very happy.
I dug up a few beetroot and sowed a row of haricot verts seeds .
I also cut off the top leaves of the potatoes as I'm planning to leave them in the ground for a few more weeks.
Next job was to cut off low growing branches on a poplar tree and take cut flowers from the plant next to it.
MrsD will drive me to the DIY store this afternoon as I've a few things to get.
Thanks for your visit it's appreciated and I hope you have a good day too.

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