By BernardYoung


has a lot going for it.

‘Here’s £100.’

‘Thank you.
I can do a lot with a hundred pounds.

I could do a lot more with a thousand, of course,
and a million would be incredible,
but a hundred is quite acceptable.

I’m not one for looking a gift horse
in the mouth.’


Imagine living to be one hundred
and hanging on to all your faculties.

‘He’s still as bright as a button you know.
He paints, writes, plays football
and has just taken up the cello.
And we think he’s got something going on
with the young lady (she’s 62) who
comes round to do a bit of cleaning for him.’

Actually, I did think the old boy was on track
to reach 100 but he lost the knack
of being able to roll
with the punches in his last few years.
Staying alive took its toll.

But let’s not grumble.
It’s not sad.
Reaching 98 plus 2 months and 3 days
ain’t bad.

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