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By HarlingDarling

Keith at the gates

The dire gates of Mordor! He isn't a keen shopper, the best thing about IKEA seems to be the free coffee for members. None of that today as we were at the last minute. Bought a blind for the front room window, and a new bedhead. It stands on the floor, secured to the wall  and has shelves hidden behind the front panels. There's a little shelf on the top where you can put reading lights, or whatever you like really. Our original one is made of cloth and is falling to bits...

We drove Kjell to the airport and said out goodbyes after a very nice stay. Bit short, but I suppose that's better than feeling it was too long! It's only another 7 or 8 minutes from the airport to the Gates of Mordor so we braved it. There is a chimney we need to procure as well, and there are rumours that several of the DIY places have them. Our brains were not computing properly so we'll have to go back when we're more alert.

Ten to ten, we've eaten some leftovers and I'm doing my blip. I haven't done Tai chi yet, but will befor eI sleep. I haven't done a drawing today either but it might be a tomorrow morning job. In the middle of the day we went to the museum where they're showing films for 10 year olds and older. There were 4 adults and one child in the room. A great shame as we saw the animated film made in Killkenny (where my friend Ruth comes from) called  Song of the Sea. A beautifully drawn fable about a family living on a lighthouse island, and struggling with losses and oddities - there was a lot to think about too. Here's some info.

Several people wished they could hear me singing. Sometimes wishes are granted! Thanks to Keith, here I am with Karin and Kjell singing an unrehearsed bit of John Dowland - last sung 7 years ago for David's funeral, before that perhaps 15 years back in the mists of time. It seems to be a bit like riding a bike, once you're back on it goes quite well!
Here we are!
The thick down coat I'm wearing was very necessary in that freezing cold, damp and dismal church!

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