City Park, Denver

I know I’m sounding like a broken record, but I went out on an outing early in the day before it got hot. Because Denver gets plenty hot by late morning and for most of the afternoon.

Today’s outing was a short bus ride away to City Park. I had planned to just walk around the whole park before going out for a late breakfast. But as I was walking around I saw a ‘Jump’ bicycle - that’s an electric bike which is a division of Uber. So I decided today was the day I would try one out. Oh my - was that ever fun! I kept the bike for about an hour and did several loops around the park.

This view is of the old boathouse and ‘bandstand’ on the lake. See the Extra photo for more views. The middle frame is the bike in front of the very moving Martin Luther King satue and exhibit. I’d love to try one of the swan paddle boats. The bottom right is a Robert Burns statue which will no doubt please my Scottish friends! The bottom left picture is a famous view of Denver, seen on many a postcard.

I finally gave up the bike and finished my walk, ending up at a very nice restaurant called ‘Syrup’. I then headed back to the city on the bus, and had a quick shower before heading out again this afternoon. I had a couple of errands and an appointment in the suburbs so I had a long ride on the light rail to get there. I was gone several more hours and was happy to finally make it back ‘home’ in the late evening. It was a very busy and active day. I hope I get a chillax day tomorrow!

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