Jan's View

By HarlingDarling


Well, a bit of gloom anyhow.
And torrential rain in short bursts.
This was the sky as I arrived in Timrå to see the Apple technician, Stig. 
Then more gloom happened.
My computer hasn't got a loose connection, it has a dying screen.
A new one will cost 6000 kronor, a bit over £650.
I'm thinking what to do.
Stig thinks it isn't worth spending the money on a computer that is soon 4 years old.
He was so considerate and careful, and charged me nothing for his expertise.
I can use the separate screen we already have, since the computer itself is fine.
That gives me time to ponder my options. 
Perhaps it's a sign that I could reduce the amount of minutes/hours spent looking at the screen on my lap top?
It will be significantly harder to carry the separate screen all over the place! (impossible)
Perhaps I can make do with this new arrangement for a while.
Perhaps I can get used to the fuzzy screen and the lines, it is sometimes perfect after all!
Perhaps it really is time to buy an iPad, after 3 years without one?
I then did some little bits of shopping and wore myself out from standing up and walking for hours!
Home again I find Keith in full flow setting up the new bedhead we bought yesterday.
That has turned the upstairs totally up side down. He tells me he found a lot of dust when he moved the bed.
Very strange!
Probably another relatively early night tonight, if there is an assembled bed to get into!

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