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By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Feeding Friends-seeds (?)

More captivated in large.
Two up, two down
"Do you have food?"
Nēnē buffet
Drinking & dribbling
Cut flowers

A day that picked itself up: I thought that I'd just be blipping cut flowers, but then ended up going to the Wetland Centre with a friend! We'd been planning to go tomorrow, but the forecast looked like the weather would leave us postponing our plan; we spontaneously preponed it instead.
It was lovely to spend time with Max and the various feathered friends, and we arrived just in time to witness the various feeding frenzies as the keepers moved through the enclosures with a cart of food (and entourage of eager little feeders). 
Cuteness peaked when the cart reached the emperor geese and nēnēs, and I was surprised that the emperors jostled the nēnēs out of the way: the nēnēs are smaller but they always seem so much more assertive than the peaceable emperors...

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