By dogwithnobrain

When you are Queen Dilly Dilly

I did a thing tonight. 

I don't typically do "things" but tonight I did. 

I went to a flower arranging class.  It was a Summer FLower Hand-Tied Bouquet. 

The location was "Kirstie's Flowers"  a Staple in the town for 30 years - only two weeks ago the shop front was bedecked in Sunflowers and pampas grass to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the shop - it was spectacular. 

Kirstie was a year below me at school and it's lovely to see someone from the town set up and stay and be successful.  It's a beautiful flower shop and every weekend she is running round setting up weddings and parties. 

There were six of us, ladies.  We watched attentively as Kirstie, stripped the flowers of the lower leaves, trimmed the stems, and then commenced arranging them. 

She arranged them whilst talking to us, and then tied them, and wrapped them, and made it look so easy. 

Then we all headed into the "room",  where we would prepare our displays. 

LOL  much as I think I would be an amazing florist, I seriously lack the skill.   I had to take my first attempt apart I had tangled all the stems together .  Second attempt much better.  

It was funny to see them all lined up  - mine is the second from the end. - I thought it was quite floppy, but sitting against the rest it;'s quite tight. 

I've added an extra so that you can see all the flowers: Astibe, Veronica, Eyrgnium, Eucalyptus, Roses, Clitoris, Flox.  

See what i've learned.... a whole lot of new names. 

(Also a bit embarassing that Florist says "I nearly ran you over on Saturday night..... I think you were heading for the station"  ahem. 

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