By ExtraTime

Another Dry Day!

You might not think it from the picture, but today was quite sunny and pleasantly warm. In the morning the Kingston Crew took Raf for a walk down by the Teviot.  I did some baking - the sausage rolls turned out well, but I burned the cake slightly.  While I was trying to salvage the best of it, there was a bit of an accident and to cut a long story short, Raf managed to eat quite a lot of cake. We watched  anxiously for ill-effects but so far he's none the worse.

Our friend M's granddaughter and her husband called in at lunchtime on their way back from doing the Scottish 500. It was good to see them and hear about their life in Barcelona.

After they left, we drove over to Abbotsford to try out  yet another children's playground. Caroline and I sneaked off for a walk and somehow found ourselves in the gardens, where I've not been before. From this angle and with the clouds massing over it, it made me think of Sleeping Beauty's castle.

After that, Melrose for Orkney ice-cream and home for tea. This week is flying.

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