By CarolineJay


Sister A2 and I headed to Mount Grace Priory where I took this panorama between heavy showers. I love it there and she'd never been before. Then we headed up onto the Cleveland Hills behind and about 15 minutes later were at Lordstones where I took the panorama in the extra just before we got soaked again by the rain coming over from the west (left of the photo). It was over in five minutes though, and the excellent lunch we had eaten in the café had fortified us for the experience. I feel so lucky to live with all this nearly on the doorstep!

We stopped in Stokesley - a lovely Georgian market town - for supplies on the way home and it was full of small boys on bikes riding all over the pavements. One of them - a very small boy of about 8 - nearly rode into me and looked up and said "Sorry, luv!"

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