By seizetheday

Proud-mum moment

Fantastic flying visit to Edinburgh today, mainly to see a piece of artwork by my daughter, Lucy, in the Fully Awake 4:6 exhibition at Edinburgh College of Art. Brilliant! A real proud-mum moment seeing it on display! (The photo really doesn’t do it justice.) An interesting and inspiring exhibition, well worth a visit. With the added bonus of great views of Edinburgh Castle from windows of the exhibition spaces (extra). 

Couldn’t resist wandering through the Grassmarket for a while (thronging with Fringe-Festival crowds and tourists - never before have I seen so many selfie-sticks in use!), before walking down to the National Gallery, for the amazing Bridget Riley exhibition (thanks to Lucy for letting me know about it).

Then it was a dash to the station for the train back to Berwick, and the bus to Wooler. Even had time to do a couple of chores before MrM drove us to Lindisfarne. We’d arranged to have a meal with Tom and Dorothy in one of the pubs there - and very nice it was too - before watching Rag Bag Morris dance. Good to catch up with a few friends. On the way back across the causeway we stopped for a photo or two of the sunset (extras), and listened to the eerie wailing sound of the seals on the nearby sandbank.

Counterbalance, Lucy Crouch, 2019

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