By cabbagetree

Berating the Intruder

The lady bellbird has discovered another female trespassing on her territory. Each day she comes to my kitchen window to yell at her own reflection. Not only is she loud, but she puffs herself up to look more scary. This little branch is about 25cm from the glass. When I am sitting at the table having a meal or reading the newspaper I am about 40cm from the other side of the glass, but she can’t see me. I’m glad the glass is there because her song is so deafening. To be fair, although her bell-like notes are penetrating they are beautiful.

I woke far too early this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. I got up and saw the golden ball of the moon low in the sky. It was so dark I couldn’t see where it was headed, but it was east of Abners Head. (See extra shot).

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