By jac1954

My notes

Well today’s op was cancelled
Nurse said wait for a call tomorrow at around 9am don’t eat or drink anything after midnight tonight. Ok I said.
Then today I’ve been to sleep done a good job of making another cat cushion with one hand done a bit of crocheting round bottom.
Then a while ago phone rang hello it’s nurse from Colchester hospital to inform you your operation will go ahead definitely tomorrow.
Come into the Elective Care Centre at 7.30 am bring a bag with you and your meds.
Ok yes see you there then I have to break the news to Kim she needs to pick me up at around 6.30. Poor luvs been doing all the work cleaning all our customers with the aid of another normally there are three of us.
Samantha is in Spain and I am incapable. When will this all end.
Although I feel a bit of a silver lining here. It would seem that it was not right the first time I broke it so I think myself lucky. My poor Kim.

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