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By HarlingDarling

A sewing prep day.

This is what the nicely appointed sitting room ends up like when I get going with the sewing. I have a lot of material that has been waiting for its moment, scrumpled up by years of storage it all needed a touch or three of the iron. And is now spread out all over the room so I can think what to do and how to do it. Mostly fine lawn cotton, some recycled from second hand garments.

Of course there won't be enough of something to do what I want, and I will have to be inventive. Or change the plans, or move onto the next thing and return with more determination. I love sewing and it has been very low on the activity list for far too long!

Aunt Daise, Keith's ancient Aunt had a stash of cloth so great it was a burden to her in later years. She gave me some bits and bobs, and it almost did her in to part with the material she'd collected but knew she would never use. I am NEVER going to be like that, I said. Never going collect like that! I was not right about that either.

The thing is, I'm an opportunist. When the material is in front of you, and it's a good deal, or very special in some way, or might be otherwise thrown out there is no way to refuse. There may be no plan for its use, or there may be a definite idea, but whatever the situation is the material has been brought home with me.

So, I'm off to Italy soon for this wedding. It's HOT and I am not great in the heat. The focus now is to make cool floaty things that will be lovely to wear, and will stop me from fainting in an overheated heap. I would prefer clothes that only touch my body in the briefest way, possibly on the shoulders, so air can circulate and I can sweat and lose heat properly!

We had a visitor today, Anders cycled up our hill and we had a few hours of delightful, educated, well-informed and good conversation. And tea, coffee, shortbread biscuits, bread and Wensleydale cheese as well. Then Keith cut almost all the grass and I continued my preparations. I did finish the frock that I began several years ago, it's very fine cotton, quite floaty and fits the criteria mentioned above. I have hardly thought about politics all day after a quick look at the fresh horrors this morning.

My computer screen is almost perfect today. As the American say, go figure!

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