By Ronniebofa

You can’t beat fresh free range eggs

Paid what’s now become a regular visit to Egglicious this morning to pick up a tray of 30 fresh free range pullets eggs. This will last me 10 days, if I’m lucky.
Prior to my weight loss journey I never ate eggs: now I have 2 every morning as part of a high protein, low carb breakfast. This keeps me full till evening meal time with lunch limited to a small protein bar or packet of lentil curls.
Egglicious is an award winning farm enterprise situated on the outskirts of Stirling and the hens there are free to roam the fields. It has an “Honesty Box” shop that is open 24:7. As well as eggs.has local soft fruits, jams and preserves, tablet and potatoes on offer. Pullets eggs at £2:80 a tray are tremendous value and a quality and freshness not found in supermarkets.

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