By Ridgeback13


Woke up after a bad night (lots of cramp and also sick - no idea why but horrid) to find tree surgeons tackling the massive apple tree in our shared back garden....and home to find it completed (you can just see one of the guys in the tree branches on the left).
I could have done with a chainsaw myself this morning.....very frustrating meeting but I'll not dwell on that! 
Lunch with some lovely people I'd met in Singapore a couple of months ago, and jolly conversation about a range of stuff before back to the office for some focussed work and made some progress. Just feel like I have about 5 separate To Do lists running in my head all the time and have a mild sense of panic.
Went to a leaving do later - lots of people there and some nice chats - then to see my temporary home for when the building work's going on - lovely place and huge! At least it will be nice to be there (once I've packed up!) and my step count will be improved :)

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