Pictorial blethers

By blethers


My oldest grandchild has the right idea for spending a dreich, wet day such as today. The day began with sleeping late, segued easily into reading in bed till it was almost lunchtime. Rescued in our car-free state from a dreary walk round Dunoon in the rain by my saintly friend, we were all wheeched out to her house, where she’d substituted her own son’s two dogs for her own less amenable beasts.

The result was that #1 g-d ended up carrying the puppy for quite an amazing distance in the rain, as a short walk before dinner turned out to be too much for such s young dog. Here she is, herself soaked to the skin, towelling the puppy dry. You can see she’s enjoying the moment - as is the dog!

I’m grateful for the loan of the dogs - and for a peaceful afternoon in which I didn’t look after anyone...

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