By GracieG

Another Ladies Loo blip

Yes...another in my occasional series of photos taken in ladies loos.  This was taken in the Great Northern Hotel near Paddington Station.   A clear case of design over substance.  All the cubicles were covered in these black glossy tiles and the lighting was poor, so forget trying to use the mirror for anything useful like trying to see your reflection.  It was so dismal and dark in there, it gave one the look of some kind of grey ghost!

This was not helped by the fact that the lights were not working, so I had to go and find a member of staff who hadn't a clue where the switches were so all the lights in the surrounding rooms were tried first before the correct set was located inside a cupboard. This was preceded by one of most expensive and disappointing breakfasts we have ever had...we shan't be gracing their doors again!
The ceiling lights in the restaurant were nice though (see extra).

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