Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

A total wash out!

Wednesday 14th August 2019                 (backblip)

This should give you some idea of the weather today!

Actually that is not strictly true ...... it wasn't too bad earlier in the morning ..... but I didn't have to go out then!

It started raining late morning & didn't stop! The only difference was whether it was just pouring down ....... or a deluge!

We still had our double supermarket trips to do ....... we dropped Mum off at my brothers on the way to do her shopping & collected her when we were done .... that way she didn't get too wet!

We then went & did our shopping ..... we had to drive through flooded roads ....... by the time we got home my jeans were soaked right up to the knees ...... anyone would think I had paddled my way home! My shoes were wet through too! Not a happy bunny :-(

Hope the weather was better where you are!

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