simple moments

By simplemoments



that’s what bee’s are - they are hard working, go-getters - never stopping or resting - always after it - buzzing here and there - when a flower is in sight - coming up with the reward - for their great efforts - i don’t think - i’ve ever seen a lazy bee - one who just hangs out - while all the others - do the work - nope, they all have - their roles to play - and take them very seriously - whether alone or in a group - a bee simply gets after - the task at hand - understanding how important he is - to overall big picture

do you understand how important - you are in the overall - big picture of life - how valuable your role is - and how important you are to those around you - don’t take it for granted - life is so very precious - each and every day - tell someone who is important - to you today how much - they mean to you - by words or action - and know it will allow them to have...


happy day.....

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