a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Trade war ...

I'm not too sure quite what the Chinese warrior thought was happening in this interview of a man looking an awful lot like the Donald here at the Fringe in Edinburgh. That look is quite interesting - perhaps the trade war is hotting up...although the fact that (out of shot) Donald was in his boxer shorts may have been a factor.

We've had another packed day at the festival.  We started with a trip to the "cut and paste" exhibition of collage at the Modern Art Gallery - with Phil Jupitus in attendance.  Amongst the many exhibits were the photographs that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle fell for, you remember, the ones of the fairies at the bottom of the garden.... fascinating stuff.

That was followed by a brilliant musical play "What are girls made of" about Fife's forgotten Indie band Darlingheart.  Finally, we rounded off our festival with Henning Wehn's stand up show.  

We have had a diverse cultural few days. Edinburgh gets busier than ever. It also gets more expensive every year.  But the sheer range and quality of the cultural options open to the visitor remain unequalled. There are some signs here this year that climate change is coming up the agenda, but not many as yet.  I rather suspect that this aspect will change quite radically over the next few years.

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