My daily photo.

By kayakgirl

Went swimming today!

I think I shall sleep well tonight.  I was up and out at dawn today with the camera as a neighbor told me that the coyote pups have been out the last two mornings.  I did not see them and I stayed out until it had been full daylight for quite awhile .  Then I went for a long walk with lots of big hills.  Late morning I met a friend for yoga and it ended up being a pretty advanced class...I just did what I could.  A few errands and prep some for dinner and my niece came over with her three kids to swim in the community pool.  It was my first time in the pool here.  With all the exercise I think it is time to go sit down now.  The only photos I took were the kids in the pool since the coyote pups were a no show.

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