By rainie


The flower of North Queensland (in my opinion)...I photograph them every time we visit.  This one is in our families garden and is the first flower for the spring.  Gorgeous thing.

Tonight we were all intending to go to the Cultural Display in one of the parks, but really when we got closer to the time none of us felt like moving.  Instead, we ordered in Chinese for a couch dinner.  

I've been battling a headache all day so really didn't mind, but on the other hand was looking forward to some photography opportunities of the different cultural dancing.  Never mind, out to the garden for my blip.

We were pounding walking the footpaths at 8 am on our way to Lexi's swimming lessons.  Takes about 30 minutes to walk there, she is a great wee swimmer.  Then did (another) supermarket shop *sigh*.

We're off to the beach in the morning.


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