Wet knees...........

..........between downpours. 

I thought I'd better record these tiny weeds before the Driver got the mower out! As it was, it was too wet to do much outside at all today. 

I took a thumb drive into the local framers to get some images onto canvas for a 30x30 exhibition here in September. My first ever! It's a group of locals who are each displaying 2 images (we need backups if some sell) for sale and/ or exposure. All have to be square, 12x12 inches or 30x30cms. 
Could be fun.

 The restaurant/gallery takes 30% of whatever we charge so it won't be a money making venture. I'm having 5 images printed and they are ones I don't mind keeping for my walls if they don't sell. Win, win ;-)  No idea what to charge.........$55 each to print the canvases.  I guess I will work out something.

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