By RexComu1


...that's what comedy is about apparently, especially when you are broadcasting live on radio and have to accomodate an episode of 'The Archers" in the middle of an award show. Mark Watson* managed it very well I thought and our festival aficionados and hosts Pensioner and Dwalletta agreed. After the show a walk – via the Bow Bar – down to Howies in Victoria Street for food and back to theirs for coffee and Ferrero Rocher. We may have overstayed our welcome as I lost my sense of timing after the wee snifter was poured. I hope they didn't notice.

*An interesting fact about Mark Watson is that he used to deliver his act with a common Welsh accent which is not quite his own. He adopted it when he started stand-up comedy saying that it made him "more comfortable to be talking in a voice that I didn't quite recognise as my own". He has since reverted to his own accent.

Not many people know that.

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