By earthdreamer

Umbrella Traffic

You had to take your life into your hands to cross the street today. 

I'm getting more mobile and sitting up is a lot more comfortable. As long as I keep my back straight, I'm good to go. Another very wet day, perfect for spending in my second home at the library and trying to pick up with the writing that's become stalled for a month. Pain does not accommodate the creative process too well.

No sooner had I got into some kind of flow than the fire alarm went off. Building evacuation. It was pouring with rain. False alarm, of course. We were let back in and the same happened all over again. This time we were not let back in. It was a fault with the system, but rules are rules. They ended up closing the library for the day. I seem to be thwarted at every turn right now.

After realising that the test match was almost certainly going to be washed out for the afternoon, I had a brain wave. Once upon a time in Hollywood has just been released. Tarantino may not be for everyone, but his films are devastatingly beautiful works of art. Even the brutal is rendered as beautiful, which I guess is a cause of unease for some. I try to embrace it as best I can. 

Tarantino has free license to make exactly the films he wants. Few have that luxury. It could be a recipe for self-indulgent disaster, but it's not. His films are feasts for the eye and the brain. There are scenes where nothing happens at all, but the way he elevates the quotidian to fine art is somehow mesmerising. How does he do that? There is so much that stays with you afterwards. He's a genius. And the chemistry between Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt is incredible. They're at the top of their game. I was blown away. 

I left for home feeling high until my encounter with the ticket machine at the station. They've changed the interface. How is it possible to make the purchase of a ticket so incredibly complicated? A story for another day.

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