and all that Jazz.

I saw a poster advertising a Jazz Festival in town today, so  I thought it would be a great blip opportunity, so off I went. I left J at home because he was waiting the the postman to call with some parts he had sent for his Royal Enfield.  I don't know if I got there too early, but there was only this one group performing, and it really wasn't what I would class jazz, although they were quite good, and they definitely made you want to tap your feet. Town wasn't very busy, although I think that was because there is a match in Cardiff this afternoon. I was back home in under an hour and J was still waiting for the postman. While we were having a coffee, the parts came, so J went out the garage to fit the bushes to the rear suspension of his motorcycle. The job didn't take him as long as he thought, so he's a happy boy now.   
Thanks to admirer for hosting Silly Saturday.

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