By SadlerStar

Rio tucks in!

We have been given two African Sulcata Tortoises to care for. They are a year old and have grown from the size of a fifty pence piece to the size of the palm of my hand, in the year since they hatched. They eat voraciously and we are thankful that we have a wild part of the garden where we can choose leaves and grasses to feed them. Dandelions and Clover leaves seem to be their favourite and presently, and thankfully we are able to find plenty of those together with different grasses.
Rio is eating his supper in this photo whilst Rocket, who is slightly larger, is in extras.
These will grow rather large, they are the third largest tortoises in the world, behind the giant ones found in the Galapagos islands and the Aldabra tortoise found in the Seychelles. They have been called Rio and Rocket and will be going to the Accidental Zoo once they can live outside. They will always need a heated house to hide in when they are tired of eating the grass.

We are sorry that we have been away from Blip for a while as we have been busy during the children's school holidays and didn't think we would be able to keep up with journals very easily. Hopefully we can get back into it now as the children are away.

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