The Blue Hatted Tree Frog

Not native in the UK but there are a few known to have escaped from local collectors.

Could not get started this morning, but once I did I earned my keep.

Started by getting the mower out. Pushed it one strip and had to sit for 10mintes before I could move again. Came back to that after tidying in the garage. Managed to mow a quarter of the lawn but wow I am so unfit! I feel as though I may be anaemic so have started iron tabs again.

Later I cooked what's called a makeshift dinner in this house. Rough and ready but jolly good.

Shoulder Day 4

Had Factor 8 this afternoon before my exertions.
Shoulder aching but nothing untoward yet. I'm still not 100% sure that all the pain has been constant bleeds but I'd like to be wrong. If the pain stays away then the Problem was bleeding all the time. If not then its related to the rotator cuff injury. Fi gers crossed.

3000 units administered and no problems. Next 3000 will be Tuesday. After which I will inject 2000 units every other day.

Thanks for looking in today.

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