simple moments

By simplemoments

coming in...

...for a landing

it’s a goose

in a cloudless blue sky

there was a momentary break - that i took advantage of - running to a park - which i hadn’t been to - in quite a while - hoping that my timing - was such to catch - the geese coming in - across the skies for - their typical landing into - the pond so i could capture them - whether inflight or on the water - considering it had been some time - since i’d last been there - i didn’t know - if my timing would be - spot on or if i’d be any good with the capture - you know how it goes - when you’re rusty with something

as it turns out - i got fairly fortunate - with it all - before the clouds moved in - plus i’d forgotten - about that very cool - sound geese make - when they hover above you - as they come in to land - sounding like a loud - turbine engine rumbling - through the skies - you not only hear them - you feel the rumble - from your head to your toes - it’s a full body experience - one which always fills me - with great joy and - humble awe at what - these huge birds can do - oh my, i’d say that’s...


happy day.....

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