Those were the days...

In search of a Saturday blip I looked no further than our kitchen.
And this photo of us white water rafting on the Arkansas river Colorado over 30 years ago.
 Oh well…. those were the days my friends.
Ironically, M was very reluctant to go white rafting - he hates getting wet- but after badgering from me he agreed.
The organiser took one look at our assembled group of tourists and placed us in the raft according to height and weight. (There were no safety helmets).
M. was ordered to take the front and most vulnerable seat, thus ensuring he got soaked.
I was placed in relative safety in the middle.
My abiding memory of that day is the constant sound of approaching rapids and how we were thrown into a succession of whirlpools of foaming water and tossed around like corks. All attempts at control were lost. It was a case of hanging on and hoping for the best.
A girl in the raft behind was thrown overboard and had to be fished out, wet but unharmed.
We never went white water rafting again.
Youtube: " Those were the days"


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