By Pinkhairedlady


Woke ridiculously early for a Saturday after a restless night but used the time productively to take Miss PHL into town for her 9.30 start. Home to mooch about for an hour or two until I motivated myself enough to take young Mr PHL’s jacket to the repair shop for a new zip (a task that has been on my list for several months). Nice day for a walk so it wasn’t a hardship.
Home for a bite of lunch before getting organised to head into town to meet friends from my old workplace for a night of mass karaoke. Mr PHL offered to give me a lift - such a nice chap, think I might keep him around for a bit longer.
En route Mr PHL and I went to pick up some tester pots to choose colours to repaint a few rooms - we are having a few (around 45 at last count) people round to celebrate our anniversary and have realised the house needs freshened up. So no pressure but we need to paint 4 rooms and get tidied up etc etc in just 3 weeks. Wish us luck.

Dinner with 11 other ladies at one of my fave Chinese restaurants and them a quick walk to the venue. It was a fabulous night - the live band were wonderful and very talented - many instruments played and magnificent singing voices. Though possibly they were drowned out by the audience! Great musical tunes from Aladdin, Jungle Book, Mamma Mia, Mary Poppins and the Greatest Showman amongst many others with the encore of Bohemian Rhapsody. My ears are ringing and I am hoarse from singing along.

Thank you for comments and stars - willcatch yo in the morning as it’s now 23.23 and I need to be asleep. Night night.

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