By hazelh

Flora floor rug

All went to plan today in terms of my mission to travel south and west by train to meet Mummy hazelh at Hexham station, and then drive back to Edinburgh again by car. We broke the return journey in the Borders to visit some cousins (or nephews and nieces in Mummy hazelh's case).

Nick and Jenny decided to downsize from their huge rambling Georgian house last summer. They now live in a brand new bungalow on the outskirts of Kelso. The new house is very different from the old one, and much better for the family in so many ways. For example, Jenny proudly showed us today that if you ever feel cold in this house, you soon warm up by simply touching a button in the hall. In the old house you were obliged first to put on a(nother) jumper. If that didn't help, you would dress to brave the weather outside in a jacket and wellies, then cross the yard, collect some wood from the shed (hoping that it was already chopped), return to the house, add the wood to the fire, and wait/hope. For this, and many other reasons, Nick and Jenny are very happy with their move to Kelso.

I blipped my cousins' dog Flora just before we all sat down to lunch of homemade lasagne and pavlova in the dining room of the new house with Nick, Jenny, Euan, Freja, and Freja's boyfriend James. This dog makes a very good Flora floor rug. (The cat kept out of the way. I was grateful for this because I am allergic to cats.)

Exercise today: walking (10,639 steps).

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