Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Pizza and Pepsi

(18/8/19 Thought I'd blip last Sunday)

Now that my fever cycle is subsiding, I can actually contemplate eating some food! My head is buzzing with delicious stuff you get in Dubai, but alas, I am not there. G said she'd bring in anything I wanted after the church service, so I opted for pizza. It's easy and requires nothing in extra tableware.

Unfortunately, I'd fallen asleep when she got to Pizza Express, so she made an executive decision in choosing the meal and came up trumps. My only other request was for a cold Pepsi to go with it. Lunch was slightly late but very nice. I think I managed to be better company for her on her last visit. For some reason, 3-6 pm are my worst hours. The best news was when the weekend doctor assigned to me came sliding in to tell me my CRP was down to 150. "Halfway there," I thought to myself!

G flies up North tomorrow to spend ten days with her friend Catherine. She would have happily cancelled her plans, but it seems so pointless especially as I think I will be out on Tuesday, so reluctantly, she is sticking with plans made before I got sick.

The other thing of note today was the discovery that the patient who arrived mid-afternoon in the bed to my left is a fellow believer, so we had no trouble chatting about all sorts!! I felt well enough to help her with a few small things she needed.

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