By Winsford

Appearances can be deceptive

Having not been in the hills for a while, we planned to go up Blath Bhalg this morning , a nearby Graham which we had previously walked with HazelH and MrHazelH.  

Access is gained by Glen Brerachan which is always stunning to drive along (especially if you are in the passenger seat).

The forecast was for showers but we were determined not to let a few drops of rain put off and so we wrapped up accordingly and set off. The rain was heavier by the time we parked and the sky was brighter in the direction we were headed and so we set off. However after about 30 mins in the weather had worsened, dark clouds had come over and obscured our destination and so we stopped and headed back down to return another day.  At least we tried ! 

However as my blip shows the other side of the Glen looked very fetching ! 

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