There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

The Amish Boating Party

My husband and I decided to take advantage of the nice, sunny morning, and so we went to Greenwood Furnace for a swim. But before I hopped in the cool and refreshing waters, I walked around with my camera, taking a few photos.

As soon as I walked up on the dam breast, a beautiful blue butterfly came swirling around me and landed on my feet. You may see it in the extras. It is a red-spotted purple, one of the bluest and friendliest ones I've seen (even its shadow was blue!). Just my sweet sister, saying Hello!

My attention was drawn to an Amish family hanging out with a boat near the swimming area. The man was always positioned at the back of the boat, and he came back and forth several times, giving rides to several of the children at a time.

I thought about the Amish and their simple, old-fashioned ways, juxtaposed against the complexities of modern life. I enjoyed watching them and also wondered what it must be like for them, living between two worlds.

The soundtrack song is Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers with Between Two Worlds.

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