By Ronniebofa

Weight loss journey progress report

Weekly Progress report - a standstill week of consolidation

Starting weight (25 May 2018 = 273lb)
Today’s weight = 179.8 lb
Average weight last week = 179.7lb
Average weight this week = 179.6lb
Weight loss this week =0.1lb
Note: I weigh every day first thing and calculate weight loss based on average weight for the week.

Not such a good week for me in terms of weight loss and exercise. In terms of weight it was as near to standstill as possible with a loss of just 0.1lb. At least it was not a gain. If I were being nice to myself I would say that it was a week of consolidation and even if I did not achieve my goal for the week (to reduce my weight for the week by 0.6lb) that FitBit 95lb badge is still within my reach.

Another poor week weather-wise with heavy rain or heavy showers most days. This limited allotment activity to harvesting vegetables for evening meals. Exercise was also limited by a combination of circumstances on Friday: my Cardio Dance Class was cancelled (no cover available for Shams who had an appointment she could not change); the gym was closed for the installation of new equipment ; all other classes at the Peak were fully booked; and it was pouring down outside. I did not even get 5,000 steps for the day.

I’m posting this later today because I had early morning class today: my first Body Balance Class. This is a mix of Tia Chi, Yoga, Flex and Stretch, Balance and Relaxation exercises. It sounds very sedate but I sweated as if I were in a Spin class: at several points my specs steamed up. I found the balance section of the class particularly difficult if not impossible. After the class it was the gym for my usual Sunday session which I have just finished. Typing this while enjoying a well earned Americano in the Village Lounge.

Hope you’ve all had a good week and the scales are good to you at your weigh ins.

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