Dutch Skies

By ronbuist


When I was younger, my grandparents (both passed away now) had a caravan at camping Meerzicht (Lakeview) in Zuidlaren. I spent quite a few days there. At first, there was no electricity and everything in the caravan was powered with car batteries. Watching TV until the battery was almost dead. It was the days of the cathode ray tube (CRT) television and lower power simply meant the picture got smaller and smaller until the TV stopped working altogether. Later, electricity and running water were installed and everything improved. Happy times.

I hadn't been to Meerzicht in years, so I thought it would make a good location for a sunset shoot. I somehow miscalculated the time I had to be there in order to have enough time to seek for compositions and the sunset was basically already taking place as I arrived. Only half an hour left, but the place hadn't changed that much since my last visit so I was able to bank a few decent shots.

Quite torn between this shot, which I think has some beautiful light, and the shot in the extras. The extra shot is a typical "Dutch Skies" sort of scene and I always love those. I hope you also like both...

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