By Kipsie

It's in the genes

I found this rusty old planting line yesterday while sorting through stuff in Mum's garage. This would have been Dad's, so pleased I found it, today I took it up to my plot on the allotment site to be used by me for the next however long .... If anyone else had found it it would have been in the bin for sure. Everything happens for a reason. All I need now is Dad's green fingers to help me on my patch. I would have asked him what, & when to plant. Now that Dad is'nt here I ask fellow allotment gardeners what & when to plant. 

No one up there this morning when I arrived which is often the case. I love early mornings up there. It's so peaceful. Overnight rain meant that it was really mucky underfoot so I decided to prune the hedge back, picking off the sloes as I chopped. Pulled out the spent broad bean plants, they went into the compost bin along with the sterile baby sweetcorn plants once they were chopped up. Added some comfrey leaves to help the process.Back home for breakfast then nipped down to Mum's with some potatoes & raspberries.

Sun was shining, more to do on the allotment so back I went. Crossing the grass verge I picked up a small plastic pot that someone had obviously dropped. Medical cannabis. Ops!  I guess the best thing to do is dump it in the bin.

Up at the site , still no one there. Weird that no one up there on a Sunday, but I'm not complaining. I emptied, cleaned, & tidied the metal shed, fitted the plastic staging system in after a slight tweak. The last set of uprights needed to be shortened. Tidied the second shed, moved some timber. Perfect! Time for lunch.

Sorted car insurance on-line for hubbies car. Did a bit of dead heading in the garden here, then baking time. Made a banana, walnut, & chocolate loaf then a roast for tonight's dinner.

Now watching Bridget Jone's Baby .... hilarious!

Thanks to Marlieske for hosting

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