Form from Nature

There seems to be hairs on nature's forms in some way or another. Another example in second shot. Just something I thought of today so now going to check out Google to see what it says. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a universal theme. 

Today I started to clean things. Then I seemed to go on and on................I must be ill ???? or got a cleaning virus. Mr AF joined in and cleaned and sorted out a food cupboard. Its not such a bad illness but I've never had it before.

Later SON-IN-LAW came down with stuff for us and asked if we had ever cleaned out a master filter in our dryer. We never had and I was shocked that it was very full of yuck !!! I always clean out the normal dryer filter but this is another story and could be a potential fire risk so check yours out.
Late again so its night night from me.

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