By Poppy

The first peas of summer!

And very tasty they are too!  A day of making plans, changing plans, considering plan B, C and a few others too!  

Over the last few days Mike and I have been busy outside and have accomplished a lot.  We decided to move the hens, who have been on the same bit of ground for far too long.  With the use of some rollers, tubes from the inside of silage wrapping plastic, we were able to move the big metal hen run and hen house to a new area of next door's grass.  It was a monumental task, but with a bit of determination and sweat we managed it!  So lovely to see the hens on grass again rather than bare soil.  They seem happy too!

We also decided that as there is no likelihood of anyone moving in next door in the foreseeable future, we would tidy up the garden.  The owner of the house lives south and rents it out.  We filled several sacks with plastics, cans, metals and other broken bits and pieces, a lot of it half buried in the long grass.  As we see it from our garden and use part of it for our hens, it was well worth doing, even though we got eaten alive by midges in the process!

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