By Ingeborg

Be(e) in the middle

For MonoMonday and World Photography Day

Almost 12 years ago my passion for photography was rekindled by doing a Digital Photography course online at the Open University (T189). I'm still learning every day and think to have accepted that I'm best at trying to capture the amazing details in nature in macro and close-up, even though I would love to be more of a landscape photographer or a creator of dreamy soft images. Photography has been the reason to get me going when things were very dark, made me go out and explore when I wouldn't have dared otherwise and is what's still keeping me busy every day, even when I'm not so mobile any more. I know I will be photographing until the day I can't hold the camera any more or won't know what I'm doing. Keeping a Blipfoto journal has been a big part of the photographic journey, I often wake up thinking about what I will want to capture on camera and Blip that day and am glad for the companionship and friends I have found over here :-)

We're getting solar panels today and I did think I should capture some of the construction for today's Blip but this bee on one of the small sunflowers won, and hopefully conveys the same message. In this topsy turvy world where many world leaders seem to be completely out of contact with the real problems we face on earth it's important to do our bit to conserve what is still left to conserve, before it's really too late. Save the earth, save the bees, use what nature gives us in a responsible way ! Bees and other pollinators are particularly necessary if we are to keep on growing and depending more on vegetables and fruits.

Happy Birthday to Photography and thank you for bringing joy to me and so many people.

Thanks very much for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's AT results and the drop splash Blip

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